The paper honeycomb core is basis for a wide variety of designs inside the VOMO product world. A basic idea with many advancements and a clearly defined goal:


Honeycomb Panel

The unsealed lightweight panel with paper honeycomb core and wooden material deck.

The basis for professionals!


Honeycomb Panel

Save effort! With the sealed and edged lightweight panel „Frame“

Make it light & easy!


Honeycomb Panel

Choose any decor available on the market for your individual design and we´ll process it!

Creativity without limits!


Exhibition building wall system

The Queen of exhibition building systems! Light, individual, reusable, adaptable.

A must- have for professionals!


Exhibition wall system

The variable exhibition wall system. Easy to set up & transport – versatile in application and design.

As individual as your ideas!


Exhibition Element

A free standing exhibition wall element combines the advantages of SMART and VX MODUL but remains independent in the literal sense.

Create spaces!

BT 18

Bridge tables

VOMO Bridge tables offer a vast range of possibilities in design, dimensioning and extensions!

Take it easy!

SB 09


Use the VOMO lightweight benches fitting to the BT 18 tables and benefit from the decor options and easy-to-use handling.

Make yourself comfortable!

HK 12


The stool variants are suitable as seats as well as exhibition plattforms. Take advantage of the diversity of VOMO

We are happy to advise you! 

ST 13

Sliding door

Lightweight sliding doors up to 1300 mm.

Where chipboards end – we just start!

ST 19

Sliding door

Sliding doors up to 1900 mm width.

Customized manufacturing for your needs!

MC 1280

Multi Counter

Is it a table? Is it a pedestal? Is it a bench? No – it´s an all in one solution! The MC1280 is a multi-faced event furniture with unlimited opportunities!

little Helpers

VOMO assembly aids for fast Dismantling the VX MODULE and SMART connector systems


Pattern sets to illustrate the VOMO wall systems the work! See, feel and try how it works!

Repair sets

Quick help with minor damage!

Cleaning & Caring

The all-rounder for all VOMO surfaces