SMART - Lightweight exhibition wall system

What is VOMO Smart?

VOMO SMART is the queen of lightweight exhibition wall systems. Based on a modular concept, you not only have the option of individually planning but also to expand, change and rearrange the system.

Different system components make it easy for you to implement your individual ideas. Elegant surfaces, an appealing haptic and a sophisticated connector system with leveling make VOMO Smart the high-quality carrier or subtle background for your trade fair presentation. Showcase your presentation areas!

Easy set up

Many exhibition wall systems are based on high weight elements, complex fixation systems and rigid application specifications. The VOMO SMART lightweight exhibition wall is based on the tongue and groove concept in combination with robust, durable connectors. The construction is quick and easy to accomplish. There is no need for a long training for your fitters – you just need your team, a spirit level, a ladder and your VOMO SMART exhibition wall is ready!


In addition to the standardized surfaces, you basically have the possibility of having every decor on the market pressed by us. Many decor options can be found at our cooperation partners of the  ZEG.


To assist with static calculations or analyzes, we recommend the Essen office Kramer! Professionals and connoisseurs of the VOMO world!

Connection and ending elements


Door Elements

Door Elements


VOMO Transport boxes

With VOMO transport boxes make it easier! Additional roles under the boxes allow loading without a forklift. A particularly interesting aspect, especially for exhibition wall systems with frequent and long transport routes.